Lunes, Abril 23, 2012


Hello! This is my 1st blog. :D This blog will not only be in fashion, rather for anything what my head wants to say. I just want to remind you that I'm not a good writer. Ha-ha. So bear with me. Please welcome me as I share with you my ideas, my wants and my adventures!

To start off, I want to share with you my summer loving escapades! :) 
Enchanted Kingdom. 

The Jumbo Tambourine

Beachin' in Paseo Verde, Laiya, Batngas.

Small Island

Lipa Time! :)

The Mighty Spikey

With my Friend Mamart, enjoying the pool party.

With my sexy and lovely ladies. 
They're my buddies, sisters, girlfriends, since I was in elementary. 
We all grow up so fast.

 My friends are really awesome! 

                    xx B.

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