Martes, Mayo 29, 2012


Unleash your imagination through photos. I'm not a photographer, but taking pictures just amaze me. That's why I shoot randomly. Ha-ha. I don't use SLRs for this. I just use my Canon G1x camera! A very nice cam. Well, you don't have to be a photographer or own an SLR to produce good images. You just have to be imaginative and creative! :) So here are the photos I took from my lovely summer.  Enjoy!

My Sister Tisha 

xx, B.


This was our last party before the school year opens. Our "Last Push Party" before our busy and NO SLEEP year. Yeah, our thesis starts now and that means we no longer have time for parties and idleness. But I'm happy I had a great summer. Anyway, this party was epic! As always. Had a great time with my MiFam and friends, a happy tummy, and an aching mouth. Ha! A very nice way to end this summer! Thank You Daddy Pat for your lovely, fun, and memorable party! Happy Birthday mah men! Wishing you all the best. :D


Touch of Yellow Green 

 With the Birthday Boy! 

My lovely MiFam

My 2nd family!

The Outfit
Well, I just want to share with you 2 of my MiFam's outfits

Mamart's Little Monster outfit
Top: Penshoppe || Harem pants: Mundo || Boots: 21 Men

Rosary: Quiapo

Tisha's Simple Chic outfit
Top: Forever 21 || Shorts: Zara

Shoes: Zara

And my Floral x Veggie outfit
Romper: Zara || Jacket: Bazaar || Laced Shoes: Nava

Necklace: DIY

xx, B.

Lunes, Mayo 28, 2012

DIY: Veggie Necklace

I will share with you guys my first Do It Yourself Necklace. Since I'm not a huge fan of accessories and doesn't usually spend much money on it, I opted and tried making my own. :)

So here's my Vegetable inspired necklace "The Veggie Necklace"  


1. Old T-shirt (colored, printed, or plain may do)   2. Strings (Any color) 
3. Chains   4. Hoops    5. Scissors 


First Step: Cut the shirt into strips
Second Step: Fold the strips in half

Third Step: Tie the top part of your folded strip with strings 
Fourth Step: Insert the folded strips into the hoops then hang it on the chain

And VOILA!! 

Here's our SITAW-LOOK-A-LIKE Necklace!

I cropped the strips in V-shape to give it a little edge.

With the Outfit. 

xx, B.