Lunes, Mayo 28, 2012

DIY: Veggie Necklace

I will share with you guys my first Do It Yourself Necklace. Since I'm not a huge fan of accessories and doesn't usually spend much money on it, I opted and tried making my own. :)

So here's my Vegetable inspired necklace "The Veggie Necklace"  


1. Old T-shirt (colored, printed, or plain may do)   2. Strings (Any color) 
3. Chains   4. Hoops    5. Scissors 


First Step: Cut the shirt into strips
Second Step: Fold the strips in half

Third Step: Tie the top part of your folded strip with strings 
Fourth Step: Insert the folded strips into the hoops then hang it on the chain

And VOILA!! 

Here's our SITAW-LOOK-A-LIKE Necklace!

I cropped the strips in V-shape to give it a little edge.

With the Outfit. 

xx, B.

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