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I went to the 8th year of Cinemalaya at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. It is a tradition in our school and department to watch and criticize independent films. I've visited Cinemalaya 3 years now and I can proudly say I am an Indie lover. I've watched 9 good films and they were all worth it, but I only have a number of favorites which are "Posas", "Oros", and "Kalayaan". 
Can't wait again for next year!! :)

Top and shorts: Forever 21 | Shoes: Schu

Too bad my friends and I didn't make it to the opening ceremony but at least we were able to watch the opening film which is "Ang Babae sa Breakwater" a very interesting film. So after the opening we went to..


With my 2nd family! :)

 Another day at Cinemalaya

Here are some indie films before. 

While waiting for our film, my sister and I visited the museum. 

Cardigan: Mother's closet | Top, belt, and bag: Forever 21 | 
Shorts: Bazaar | Shoes: Schu

Adios! :)

XX, B.

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