Lunes, Setyembre 17, 2012


Hello. Please help my friends and I win this 15 sec. "Hyundai Sand Sea Sky's" 
short film competition.

Just click this link below: 

Then hit "Like" and "Share". 

Thank you. :)

xx, B. 


So in our AVP class, we are tasked to do a MTV but an original song. 
This song is entitled SALA by Dagsin a group of music students from St. Scho Manila. 

I'll just let the lyrics and video speak for itself. 
Enjoy! :) 

xx, B.


Can this year be any busier? Went to Calatagan for our thesis. 
I just love this place. Everything looks clean and their people
never forgets to smile. 

So our thesis is about conserving our marine ecosystem to provide resources 
and maintain spread the love for our environment!

We've reached the edge of the island. A very peaceful and beautiful place. 
Aaah, I can stay here for a week! :)

With my lovely thesis-mates. Too bad our other friend 
wasn't able to see this paradise. :(

It's more fun in the Philippines!

xx, B.


Hello everyone! Its been a while. Sorry for the late entries. Being a graduating student needs a lot of work. Thank God I can still hang out every once in a while.  

Anyway, I wore this outfit just to keep me warm from the cold weather. Simple yet chic. 
I'm not an over the top dresser, I'm just a girl who wanted to share my simplicity. Ha! Ha-ha.

Top: Forever 21 || Pants: Mango || Bag: Zara

Shoes: Trunk show || Watch: G-shock || Necklace: Divisoria

Yes, I got this necklace from Divisoria for only 110 pesos. You can actually 
have tons of beautiful and sophisticated necklaces like this that aren't expensive. 
Divisoria's a good place for these.

Zong's a chinese restaurant that has the elegant ambiance and lovely cuisines. 
Too bad I wasn't able to take photos in the resto because I'm too hungry and lazy to
 take my camera out and shoot around the place. I'll just share what we have eaten.

Singapore-Style Fish Fillet

Hot Prawn Salad 


xx, B


My "MiFamilia" waited for this event. This Outbreak was the best! It was really fun. Getting wounded didn't stop me from enjoying. It's harder than I thought. Scary zombies, funny screams, and so much more!

I don't want to say much about this entry. So here are the photos! :) 


Yeah, we survived the Outbreak! 

My doctor. :)

Spartans! They are runners too! 

We just love the rain. 

Our forever favorite, MERCATO

 As you can see, I got wounded. 

Good night. :)

Sorry for  the late post, I just had to, cause another zombie apocalypse is nearly approaching! :)

XX, B.