Biyernes, Oktubre 26, 2012


   My sister and I celebrated our 20th birthday with the malnourished kids in Batangas. We hosted a feeding program to fight hunger! I can proudly say that it was really exciting and a heartwarming experience.

Btw, sorry for the last post! Haha. Anyway, Enjoy! :)

Tisha, her boyfriend, and our pretty cousin Ali. 

Our lovely Ates.

Our host, our lovely Auntie.

Singing the Happy Birthday song! :"> Very heart warming.


Yes, that's me. Dancing Gangnam Style with the kids. :)

We played games.

And more games. Assisted by Josh and Via. :)

Josh's team--the boys team won! He he.

Time to eat! 

    You need not to be rich or famous to help or share whatever you have. Ordinary people can do. It may be simple,  but it can surely give others a smile. It was indeed one of the most special birthday gift and celebration my sister and I had! :)